Quick steel radiator repair

I had Quick Steel with me and thought that would fix it. My tank shroud rubbed a groove in my radiator and finally sprung a leak today. There are many reasons why Quiksteel, the world’s toughest epoxy putty is a winner.

Repairs leaking fuel tanks, kerbed alloys, and stone damaged radiators, . QUIKSTEEL is a steel fortifie high temperature (500°/260°C) epoxy putty that. Gas tanks; Intake manifolds; Stripped bolt holes; Mufflers tail pipes; Radiators; Battery. QUIKSTEEL is ideal for repairs to materials, parts and products where .

QuikSteel repair kits are available for metal and plastic tanks and exhaust. Gas or diesel fuel tanks, oil pans, transmission housing, radiators, reservoirs, . Has anybody used both j-b weld AND either of the msr metal repair products? F I’ve got a 19honda civic with a cracked plastic radiator top broken radiator mount, repaired with . Blue Magic 6004TRI QuikSteel Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty Counter Box – oz.

For effective repairs, you need to perfect your use of adhesives and putty in. We used it to patch a hole in car radiator along the seam where plastic meets . The Quiksteel is a two part epoxy, just cut off the amount you nee.

A car shop won’t fix it, they dont fix radiators, they just buy new ones. Radiator Barn’s web site has similar prices and quick shipping. Another option might be this plastic putty called ‘quicksteel plastic repair’.

K-Seal will permanently repair and fix most leaks in the radiator or radiator. Your Grandpa was right, this stuff is legit when you’re in a pinch and need a quick repair! Im planning on throwing some radiator seal into my radiator to fix it. Shop Quicksteel Oz Epoxy Putty (16002US). I own Lexus GS3and my radiator got cracked on the top where the plastic is.

You can buy plastic radiator repair kits form places like supercheap or. Well i was in bigW today and they had the quicksteel plastic radiator . I purchased this product to repair rust damage on a car battery support bracket for a year old car. It did a good job on the platform directly under the battery, .